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Surrounding tourism

  • Oarai Sun Beach

    • Oarai Sun Beach

      ·3 minutes on foot 
      3 minutes by going straight ahead after leaving the Marinkan

      Oarai fireworks are a view of the hotel from the rooms of the hotel.Fireworks sound of you sound as numbness in the body and goes out.
    • Oarai Aquarium(Aquaworld)

      ·10 minutes by car 
      Marinkan from the Marinkan.10 minutes by car by road

      The married dolphin at the entrance must watch thoroughly and if it comes true exclusive rumor
    • Old outlet(Oarai Seaside Station)

      ·3 minutes on foot 
      Marinkan the entrance of Marinkan and turn left.As soon as you go to the main street 

      You can go from the hotel in 3 minutes on foot.
    • Marine Tower

    • Feeling refreshing while watching the ocean view · ferry BBQ

  • Oarai Aqua World Aquarium

    • 5 minutes by car to Aquaworld and excellent access!

      Oarai Aqua World Aquarium

      A popular aquarium with dolphins and sea lions shows.
      The number of shark breeding species is Japan's best!
      You can go to the Aquaworld from the hotel in just 5 minutes!
  • State-run Hitachihama Beach Park

    • Kokia

      State-run Hitachihama Beach Park

      Spring is "Nemophila" Autumn is "Kokia" and the flowers that are blooming from the seasons are spectacular.
      It is 10 minutes by car from the hotel to Hitachi Beach Park no mistake on SNS!
  • ~ Natural hot spring·Ancient fossil seawater ~ Shiosai-no-Yu

    • Day trip natural hot spring


      Fossil sea water called "warming hot water" has outstanding analgesic effect.
      I can go by car from the hotel in 1 minute!